Here's a brief introduction to the Payments NZ API Centre sandbox and how you get access.

About this sandbox

The API Centre sandbox, powered by Middleware New Zealand, is available to our registered API Standards Users and Community Contributors to support proof of concept. It allows them to test solutions they've built to our API standards, against the standardised API end points in a secure environment. 

The sandbox gives third parties the opportunity to validate their setup, and better understand the various security flows to support the integration of their solutions with API providers.

The sandbox always contains the most up to date versions of the API standards. Acting as a model bank, it returns real-world formt responses using dummy data. 

How to get access

If you'd like to use our sandbox, you can apply to join our API Centre. Our API Centre website has more on how to join.

If your organisation is already a registered Standards User or you're already a Community Contributor but you haven't received a login, contact us at to arrange access.